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I am so excited about our sixth summer photography camp. Each summer we have a unique journey with our photography. Our campers have had the opportunity to create pre-wedding photographs, family portraits, private gardens, down town life and architecture, flower shops, alleys, murals, city landscape, parks and more. When we are in the community centre we use our portable portrait studio to explore portraits with lighting and props. We practice our skills through exciting 'experiments' like shooting dyes in water vases, oil in water, balloons exploding, flower petal design creations, fruit splashing in water and portraits behind water droplet plexi-glass. My goal each summer is to create a special portrait of each camper that exposes their inner self in some way. I want to challenge each student to create a self-portrait that stimulates critical reflection. I want to challenge our budding photographers to develop creative composition skills; gain a strong understanding of the technical aspects of the camera; and construct, identify, and assess the dimensions of personal values or interests. 

I personally enjoy photographing people but I have experience shooting landscapes, flowers, weddings and more! I have an extensive back ground in teaching. The combination of photographing, and teaching photography to youth, is a dream come true for me. I am creative, energetic and fun. 

Sincerely, Kelly

Our goal at camp is to inspire you to see the world through many lenses. 


My name is Tess Zaharichuk. I am a high school student and am thrilled to be a part of the 2016 Calgary Photography Camp. Kelly Knight and I have know each other for as long as I can remember, she is my god-mother and best friend. I enjoy photographing portraits as that is a task that I regularly take on. I have taken part in photography for multiple years as it is a passion of mine. Even though I have multiple reasons for enjoying and taking part in photography, the main reason of mine is that I enjoy expressing my feelings and emotions through the lens of a camera. I look forward to the exciting plans that Kelly has for this summer; she has some incredible surprises in store for us.

I'm Bobby Knight, and I have also known Kelly all my life as she is my mother. I have done photo shoots with her all across Canada, including Montreal and Saskatchewan. We have shot weddings, family portraits, plants and landscapes together since I was able to walk. This is our fifth year, and I'm looking forward to taking care of the technological aspects of photography required, including lighting, printers, LCD-projectors,  iMovie and any troubleshooting there is. I am really exited to be part of this camp and assisting you on our photographic journey. 

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